Stormtrooper Ball Python- A Rare Yet Beautiful Trait


The Stormtrooper Ball Python is a one-of-a-kind Python morph that has only emerged once and cannot (even now!) be recreated.

The morph was inadvertently developed in 2015 by a creative Ball Python breeder and is recognized as the “stormtrooper” morph because of its distinctive colors and patterns.

It was supposed to be a regular pastel x axanthic, but it came out otherwise.

Let’s take a closer look at this lovely hybrid morph!

Where did the Stormtrooper Originate?, a creative Ball Python producer from Iowa in the United States, hatched a one-of-a-kind Python. Very little is known about what prompted this snake’s appearance.

The snake was bred to be an Axanthic x Pastel, which is a pretty common morph, but it turned out with a white base and distinctive black patterns.

JD’s best estimate was that it was either a coincidence, a one-time occurrence that would not be repeated, or a novel gene that he had yet to uncover, maybe something recessive that created the snake’s vivid black and white coloration.

The snake came out looking like a typical Pastel Axanthic, but with each shed, she developed increasingly strong contrast, with finer white coloration, particularly on its beautiful white head.

Origin of stormtrooper python
Credit: swelluk

Even though this breeder specialized in black-and-white mutations, he was perplexed by what he observed.

Appearance of Stormtrooper Ball Python

Appearance of stormtrooper ball python

Overall, these ball pythons have highly clear, precise patterning that catches the attention.

In addition, because the axanthic trait isn’t dominant or co-dominant, the look is heavily influenced by the snakes that are mated.

However, all axanthic ball pythons will fade due to a lack of red or green pigments, and the final snake will appear entirely dependent on the morphs used.

The fact that this female Python was white with pitch-black patterns that differed in thickness was what set her apart.The breeder, therefore, labels this one-of-a-kind gene as the “darkness” or “dirty” gene because the snake will gradually darken over its life and change its look.

Breeders have failed to maintain the morph and thus have been unable to recreate its distinctive color.

What Size Do Stormtrooper Ball Pythons Grow To?

A widespread misconception among rookie keepers is that various ball python morphs grow to different sizes. Morphs all grow to be the same size.

A female ball python is bigger than a male, and the species can grow to be no longer than five feet long.

How much Big the stormtrooper Ball python can get

From where to Buy Stormtrooper Ball Pythons?

Unlike other ball python mutations, a stormtrooper cannot be purchased online or at a reptile show.

Efforts to breed stormtrooper ball pythons have failed to generate offspring that look like their parents.

We’d suggest keeping a watch on websites like MorphMarket because those are the most likely sales locationsof sales if the breeder is successful.These websites, as well as reptile expos, are great places to get generic axanthic balls.

How Much Do Stormtrooper Ball Pythons Cost?

As previously stated, this mutation has yet to be duplicated, there is no progeny accessible, and purchasing one of these snakes is very difficult.

The first Stormtrooper was on exhibit at several snake exhibitions and was even for an offer for $50,000 at one time!

On the other hand, the producer opted to retain the producer, and the other hand opted to retain it toto try to breed it and see if it could be recreated. He has had no accomplishment thus far but wants to have some for sale over the next 5 years.

Axanthic Ball Python Stormtrooper

People frequently mix up the names axanthic ball python and stormtrooper ball python.

It comes out that there is a significant distinction between the two names. The stormtrooper is a distinct python, not a widely available morph that is widely available for purchase.

Whereas the stormtrooper is an axanthic python (it lacks red and green pigments), the majority of axanthic pythons are not stormtroopers.

What Genes Contribute to the Development of an Axanthic Ball Python?

A recessive gene causes axanthic ball pythons.

Dominant genes appear throughout every generation of snakes. Recessive genes may miss a generation or appear only when combined with another recessive gene.
Because the trait is recessive, it has the ability to appear in practically any breeding if both parents contain it.

The stormtrooper is a hybrid of an axanthic and a pastel. It is unknown what genetic mix results in this unusual look.

Do Stormtrooper Ball Pythons Wobble?

How much Big the stormtrooper Ball python can get

If you’ve never seen a head wobble in a ball python, you might not know of this genetic issue.

A bug causes wobble in the spider morph and its progeny. This problem does not affect all morphs. It is generally only seen when the spider gene is present.

The snake’s head wobbles, causing it to give up control of its head. When it moves, it may appear to be a bobblehead, or the head may rise at awkward angles.

Because the axanthic gene is recessive, the parentage also includes a dominant gene.

If your axanthic’s dominant gene is not spider (for example, pastel, fire, or cinnamon), it is rare to wobble. When your axanthic contains spider blood in its ancestors, it may develop wobbling or kinking.

The true stormtrooper ball python is completely healthy.

To Sum Up

While all Ball Pythons are stunning snakes to see, every so often, a morph variant emerges and dazzles the world of snake fans.

One of the better examples is the Stormtrooper, but we’re certain there are plenty more. If you enjoy extraordinary morphs, don’t forget to read our in-depth articles on ball python morphs.

Would you purchase a stormtrooper if it is available? Please let us know in the comments.


Stromtrooper Ball Python cost?

While a Stormtrooper ball python cannot be purchased, an axanthic can. If you opt to get one of these faded-looking morphs, you should budget roughly $400. Axanthics may bring up to $2,000 when it comes to the finer designer morphs.

Can a ball python hurt you?

A ball python may still bite you, and their bites are quite painful. Ball pythons have around 150 teeth (1 centimeter long) teeth. Their hooked jaws retain victims while they constrict and kill

How do you get a stormtrooper ball python?

The stormtrooper ball python is a black-and-white morph created accidentally when a pastel ball python was crossed with an axanthic morph

How painful is a ball python bite?

Simply speaking, ball python bites are not particularly unpleasant. Ball pythons do not have strong jaws, despite having keen teeth. As a result, bites usually feel like a succession of small pinpricks.

Does ball python stink?

Ball pythons are not particularly smelly. Their feces are stinky, but you may reduce the odor by cleaning them soon. Urates do have a stronger odor, However, this may be mitigated by using an absorbent substrate and cleaning on a regular basis.

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