Who We Are

Bringing health and happiness to your Reptiles!

A small team of trainers, Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVMS) , Registered Vet Technicians (RVTs), and Authors work together at ReptilesZilla to bring you all the insights you need to care for your pet Godzilla.

We care for your exotic pets and help you tame them with love and absolute care. It’s not an easy job and we would like you to learn all about them from their diet and housing to training and behavior, we cover it all! Our goal is simple, we want to provide you with all the resources, tools, and information that you need in one place so that you can raise your pet with confidence!

Our mission to start this blog was to create a platform where expert and amateur reptile keepers can get answers to their queries related to their pets’ needs and healthcare. We are constantly working around the clock to bring you information that is reliable, helpful, and trustworthy

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