Best fast food restaurant- Zalim where every bite is divine

Treat your taste buds with a roller coaster ride of scrumptious food from one of the best fast food restaurants in New Jersey.

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We are Zalim- a fast food restaurant in New Jersey offering the perfect fusion of exotic flavors. On our menu, you are bound to find something just right for you and your family to feast on any day, every day.

What in the world can be better than grabbing on an outrageously juicy burger with the crispiest, meatiest, and most umami-fried crust possible? Zalim has it all! When in need of some extra protein, try our fried chicken – coated in our secret sauce recipe that’s guaranteed to send your taste buds into overdrive.

We are the healthiest fast-food restaurant committed to satiating your hunger without compromising taste. Zalim offers several food options for halal diners, vegans, and health-conscious consumers as we comprehend your dietary preferences.

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Bash Burgers

Made with 100% grass-fed beef and topped off with melted cheese, these burgers burst with flavor.

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Zalim Strips

These chicken strips are covered in a savory batter and deep-fried until golden brown. They are tender, juicy, and flavorful.

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You’ll have everything you need to feel complete with a side of these yummy fries while having a burger or sandwich.

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Our shakes are slurp-ably sweet and pleasantly chilled, making you feel happy and content.

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Chicken Sandwich

A cheesy chicken sandwich made with southern-fried chicken breast on toasted brioche bread, tossed in creamy cheese sauce, spicy mayo, and pickle. 

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Veggie Sandwich

Stacked with slices of tomato, onion, cucumber, avocado, and melted cheese, this is a vegetable sandwich that even carnivores will love.

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See What Our Customers Say About Us!!

1- “The food is really good here. Their staff was really polite and helpful. Definitely Recommended.” 

2- “I had their Zalim Beef Burger – A must try.”

3- “Exceptional taste, Amazing ambiance.” 

4-  Didn’t have to wait too long for my food- worth trying.

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