Why are there scorpions in tequila

Why are there scorpions in tequila?

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There are several explanations for why are there scorpions in tequila. Some claim it is a natural method of filtering tequila, while others think it is a technique to enhance flavor. Whatever the cause, it certainly adds something interesting to tequila. Some people think it gives the tequila taste, while others think it serves more ceremonial purposes. Others think that the scorpion serves as a ward off evil spirits. Read more to know why are there scorpions in tequila.

Tequila and Mezcal:

The blue agave plant is used to make the spirit tequila. There are several ways to make tequila, but the most popular method is distilling the liquor from fermented blue agave juice. Mezcal, which is produced using a different variety of agave than Tequila, is the most widely consumed form of tequila. Tequila is frequently combined with other alcoholic beverages to make a variety of cocktails, such as those that include cranberry or lime juice.

Why are there scorpions in tequila?

There are several different spirits available, including tequila and mezcal. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the consumption of scorpions by people. Scorpions are not at risk of becoming sick or dying from their poison. It may be helpful to soak the stung region in tequila to reduce the burning, stinging, and pain. For rheumatoid and lupus arthritis, scorpion oil works well as a pain reliever and arthritis therapy. However, neither the scorpion nor its relatives are harmed by the venom. If you’re not terrified of scorpions, you can eat them.

What is the purpose of the widely consumed scorpion in tequila? Tequila’s anti-toxic properties have been demonstrated to lessen the burning, stinging, and pain associated with scorpion stings. If the scorpion’s stinger is soaked in liquor after being stung, the pain will be reduced.

Can You Eat The Scorpion In Tequila?

There are several methods that people choose to consume tequila. Although some people like to combine it with other beverages or add fruit to it, others prefer to drink it straight. But what about consuming the scorpion that is frequently found at the bottle’s bottom? Is the scorpion in the tequila safe to eat? Yes, you can eat scorpions in tequila. The scorpion is a rich source of protein and may be eaten whole. But before you go, you need to be aware of a few things.

  • First of all, not every bottle of tequila contains a scorpion during production. Scorpions are rarely used in the production of tequila. You may always read the label or contact the individual who sold you the tequila to find out whether it contains scorpions.
  • Secondly, even if a scorpion is present in your tequila, you do not have to consume it. The scorpion is solely included for décor and isn’t meant to be consumed. Although, if you do decide to consume the scorpion, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Before eating the scorpion, ensure it is already dead. It could be risky to consume a live scorpion. And, if you intend to consume the scorpion, first cut it into little pieces. You can avoid accidentally choking on it by doing this.
  • Lastly, after handling the scorpion, make sure to wash your hands properly. By doing this, any viruses or bacteria that the scorpion could be carrying will be less likely to spread. So there you have it.

Important Things You Have to Know:

You may consume the scorpion in tequila, but there’re a few things you should know before:

  • The abundance of scorpions in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and other Western states makes them a favorite street snack in China. These recipes mostly consist of crab and have a crab flavor. Before consuming the scorpion, ensure the sting is wholly removed. Venom is often generated and stored in the top two to three sections of the tail.
  • Stronger alcohol could be used to preserve insects including spiders, earthworms, scorpions, silverfish, and lice, among others. Check for cracks and make sure the glass container is sealed.
  • The scorpion dies, and the venom within him hardens. Eaten scorpions that have been dried, fried, baked, or frozen are not poisonous. Only those who have recently died or are soon to die need to be worried.

Can You Drink Tequila With A Scorpion In It?

If you are feeling daring, you could drink tequila with a scorpion in it. You must take care not to ingest the scorpion, which will float to the top of the beverage. Some claim that consuming tequila that has a scorpion in it can bring you strength and courage. The first larvae were found in bottles of mezcal in the 1950s when a moth’s larva was found in a batch of bottles. Tequila worm is commonly known as tequila worm because it could only be discovered at the bottom of mezcal bottles. As a result, the anti-toxic properties of the spirit might lessen the burning, pain, and tingling brought on by scorpion stings.

The bottle for Scorpion Mezcal is appealing and distinctive. Small amounts of this award-winning mezcal are hand-made in Oaxaca, Mexico. The worm pickles when it is exposed to spirits that are high in alcohol, which is used to measure how potent the spirit is. The neurotoxin in a scorpion’s venom leads it to spasm wildly. Alcohol isn’t to blame for scorpions dying from self-inflicted stings and spasms. Alcohol won’t increase the potency of scorpion venom or cause the scorpion to sting itself.

The Good Luck Scorpion:

Scorpions are supposed to be good luck charms in legend, which makes sense when combined with a spirit renowned for its healing abilities. Many people think that consuming a beverage in the shape of a scorpion will bring them luck.

Can You Eat A Scorpion In A Lollipop?

The non-venomous arachnid is completely safe to consume. You can consume and drink scorpions if you could bite them, and you may even be able to taste their flavor. Why not try eating a scorpion together with fruit that tastes like strawberries, apples, bananas, or blueberries? The popular street dish in Thailand is scorpions on sticks. With a crispy exoskeleton and soft inside flesh and the flavor is similar to french fries. Scorpions are a much healthier alternative to shrimp because they lack the same flavor and aroma and aren’t oily.

What Happens If You Smoke a Scorpion?

In various regions of the world, smoking scorpions is a popular activity. Although it is typically smoked as a cigarette, it may also be done so through a pipe. Smoking scorpions impairs both short- and long-term memory. A person who is addicted to smoking scorpions experiences sleeping and appetite problems as well as a lifelong condition of delusion.

There are several anecdotal reports of smoking scorpions having a variety of consequences, most probably because different kinds of scorpions have various psychoactive properties. They are recognized to cause visual hallucinations, painful headaches, and sleeplessness, among other problems.

Why Is There A Worm In Tequila?

Tequila might include a worm for several reasons. The worm is utilized as a natural flavor, which is one reason. The worm could also aid in the removal of impurities from the tequila. The worm may be included in certain instances just for aesthetic purposes.

Tequila doesn’t contain worm juice, unlike what many people think. Tequila worm caterpillars thrive on the Agave plant along with mezcal and tequila (which produce the plants). Agave must make up the majority of mezcals but not the majority of tequila. Tequila has a greater scent than mezcal, which is stronger. In reality, although it might in the future, the Mexican Standards Authority forbids the use of worms in tequila now (though it may be in the future).

If you do come upon a bottle, it will likely be a lower-end variety of mezcal. A true pioneer. If you’re going to eat bugs, be sure you appreciate the spirit’s experience first. Tequila’s origins are unclear, but there are stories that the larvae hidden away among the grapes may change the drink’s flavor, serve as proof that it’s potent enough, and even possess magical properties. The worm system was a marketing tool, it turns out. The worm system was terminated in 1977 as a consequence of tequila being granted protected status.


In the alcohol, the scorpion is pickled. It’s perfectly clean in any alcoholic drink that is sold commercially. Because insects are edible, ingesting their “venom” has no adverse effects. It is thought to provide flavor to tequila, serve additional ceremonial purposes, or even ward off evil spirits. Tequila contains scorpions that you may consume. The scorpion might be eaten whole and is a good source of protein. This article will be helpful for readers about Why are there scorpions in tequila?


Why is there a worm in mezcal?

In the 1950s, when a mezcal manufacturer found moth larvae in a batch of his liquor and believed the stowaway enhanced the flavor, larvae started showing up in mezcal bottles. To increase sales, he began adding “worms” to all of his bottles.

Why do Mexicans put scorpions in tequila?

Tequila’s anti-toxic properties can minimize the burning, pain, and tingling that come along with a scorpion sting, thus dousing the affected area with the alcoholic beverage can be helpful.

Can eating a scorpion make you sick?

The scorpion’s venom becomes inert shortly after it dies. Scorpions can be eaten raw, fried, frozen, or grilled. Only those living or have just been killed should cause you any worry.

Does tequila have any therapeutic purposes?

It aids in glucose regulation and prevents type 2 diabetes, assists in enhancing bone density and health, promotes longevity, and possibly slows down or stops aging. Colds, the flu, and other infections are avoided and treated.

Can a dead scorpion sting you?

Under some circumstances, the muscles that produce a sting can fire in a dead scorpion. Use a dustpan to and broom pick up any dead scorpions you find.

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