Dictator Scorpion – Complete Pet Care Guide

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In the world of exotic pets, the Pandinus dictator (dictator scorpion) is difficult to find. They are infrequent, and in high demand, and some even argue that this species does not exist! If the Dictator Scorpion is an arachnid that has caught your eye and you are considering acquiring one for yourself, you have found the right site!

The dictator scorpion and the emperor scorpion are closely related. Dictator scorpions have large bodies and strong pincers. But around humans, it often exhibits more hesitant behavior than aggressiveness and spends a lot of time hidden in a burrow. Continue reading to find out more about dictator scorpion care in captivity. 

An Overview of Dictator Scorpion:

Species Pandinus dictator
Common names Dictator Scorpion
Class Arachnida
Family Scorpionidae
Habitat Congo, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon
Range In savannah, rainforest, and woodland, dictator scorpions can be seen communally inhabiting in chambers beneath termite mounds.
Social Structure Communal
Size This is the world’s largest scorpion, frequently measuring more than eight inches in length.
Diet Insectivorous
Cost The Dictator Scorpion is a low-cost species. They are available for approximately $20 – $50.
Growth Rate Medium
Lifespan 5-8 years
Experience Level Beginner
Venom Mild

Nutritional Requirements:

The dictator scorpion is not a timid eater therefore it’s important to know the dictator scorpion feeding needs. They are ambush predators and are willing to consume almost any insect. Dictator Scorpions eat a wide range of insects. Although, gut-loaded crickets and dubia roaches are the best insects to give them.

Additionally, you may occasionally give them mealworms, superworms, and waxworms to provide some variety to their diet. These scorpions can easily consume a few insects every other day because of their big appetite. But remember that no two scorpions are alike, thus each has a varied need. Keep an eye on them to determine whether you are giving them too much or not enough.


The P. dictator and the P. imperator seem quite similar to the casual observer. They are both large scorpions, capable of growing to a length of 8 inches. The Dictator Scorpion, however, frequently grows bigger than the Emperor Scorpion.

Furthermore, they are both dark brown or black as a whole and have heavy, and stocky bodies with big claws, which contribute to their attractiveness as pets. You must examine their pincers closely to be able to distinguish between them. Emperors have more hairs (trichobothria) on their pincers than dictators have.

Are Dictator scorpions venomous?

All scorpions are poisonous and capable of pinching or stinging thus, dictator scorpions too. The sting could be very weak for dictators. If you’re allergic to bee stings, you should avoid handling scorpions.

Dictator Scorpion-Behavior and Temperament:

Due to their shy nature, these scorpions frequently spend most of the day hidden down in their burrows, only emerging to feed or mate. As a result, you may not be able to see your pet as frequently as you would like.

Despite their size, dictator scorpions are not generally extremely hostile. As with many scorpion species, if you remain calm around the animal, it will likely respond by acting similarly.

However, remember that we don’t recommend keeping a dictator scorpion (or any other scorpion, for that point) as a pet that you cuddle with or hold all the time. Even if you can control your dictator, a lot of human interactions can make a creature stressed and lead to aggression in the form of stinging.

Conservation Status:

The IUCN has not yet assessed the Pandinus dictator, and there seems to be no information available on population status and size.

Are Dictator Scorpions Poisonous?

They are poisonous, so take caution around them. If they perceive a threat, they may use their stinger or claws to protect themselves. Because of their rather mild venom, many individuals do occasionally hold them. It’s acceptable to do this as long as you don’t do it too frequently to prevent unnecessarily upsetting your eight-legged pet.

Terrarium Requirements for Dictator Scorpion:

The Dictator scorpion is a large arachnid. In light of this, they require a vivarium that is suitable for their size. They require a tank with a minimum capacity of 10-gallon.

However, it must be remembered that a larger cage isn’t always preferable for a scorpion. Although you might expect that having more room would be something they would like, they are really rather lazy. To save energy, they want to move as little as possible. They do not mind living in a small cage because it makes catching prey easier for them.

Ensure you give them lots of places to hide. While they prefer to stay in their burrow most of the time, they love having places to hide when they do come outside.


The Dictator Scorpion relies significantly on its substrate because it is a species that burrows. Give them a substrate layer that is at least six inches deep so they have enough room to dig. A combination of soil, vermiculite, and peat moss is a great material to use as dictator scorpion substrate. This combination does an excellent job of keeping moisture and really helps in maintaining humidity levels in their habitat.

Temperature and Humidity:

These scorpions require a relatively warm, humid environment. Try to maintain dictator scorpion humidity at 80% and the temperature at 80 ℉ to 85 ℉. All day long, temperatures should remain in the mid-80s. It’s alright if the temperature drops a little at night. You can maintain humidity levels by keeping the substrate moist. However, be careful to avoid making the substrate swampy. It should have some moisture, but not be dripping wet.

Lightning and Heat:

As scorpions dislike bright light, avoid using heat bulbs to keep the temperature within the acceptable range. Rather, we recommend utilizing a heating pad or heat tape made for commercial use, which you can get from any pet store.

Are Pandinus Dictators social?

Many people are surprised to learn that this species can live in communities. More than one Dictator scorpion has frequently been successfully kept in a single cage. Even while it is a possibility, it is not absolutely required. They accept having other species in their cage, but they don’t require them. They don’t feel lonely or have other similar feelings.

If you do choose to keep multiple members in the same cage, you must ensure that the tank is large enough to provide each animal with sufficient individual space. Choose a tank that is 20 or 30 gallons. Additionally, it’s crucial to make sure they receive adequate food when living in a communal setting. Food aggression may happen if not.

Dictator Scorpion Health:

Ensure that you give Dictator scorpions a nice tank with an ideal temperature and sufficient humidity if you want to keep them in excellent health. You must also get rid of any leftover food. If leftover food isn’t removed, bacteria and molds can readily form because of the high temperature and humidity in their tank.

Additionally, you should only give them captive-bred prey insects. If you give your pet scorpion wild-caught insects, they may become infected with parasites and pass them on to your dictator scorpion. Last but not least, take caution to prevent falls. They could startle easily when handled, which could cause a fall that would result in significant damage. When handling them, take extreme caution and try to avoid handling them too high above the ground.

Interesting Facts About Dictator Scorpion:

  • The Emperor and the Dictator scorpion are both members of the Pandinus genus.
  • Instead of using their massive pinchers for both attack and defense, they seldom sting.
  • The bristles on the first segment of their first set of legs may be scraped to produce a sound known as “stridulation.”
  • Their venom is quite weak and causes pain comparable to a bee sting.


Emperor scorpions and dictator scorpions are strikingly similar, however, dictator scorpions are larger. However, if you’re searching for a scorpion that few people have, this one can be a great choice for you. It has a lot to give on its own. Attractive companions to display to family and friends are these large scorpions. You can successfully raise their babies and keep them in captivity. However, take caution because it might be difficult to distinguish between a Pandinus Imperator and a Pandinus Dictator. As a result, people frequently mistake them without even realizing it!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dictator Scorpion

How big do dictator scorpions get?

The species of scorpion from Cameroon, which can reach sizes of more than 8 inches, may be the largest in the entire globe.

What is the diet of a dictator scorpion?

All scorpions are predators that eat snakes, insects, spiders, and small lizards. Depending on its size and species, your scorpion will need a different amount of food. Two or three mature crickets are frequently eaten each week by a large scorpion (as P. imperator).

How often do dictator scorpions eat?

Young emperor scorpions need to be fed 2 to 4 times a week to ensure proper development, which is much more often than adults do. On the contrary, to keep the pet healthy, adults can be given calcium-dusted insects once or twice every week.

Is it possible to keep dictator scorpions together?

The Pandinus dictator can live among other species members, contrary to other scorpions that have to be kept separately, however, there may be fighting if there are multiple males present.

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